MEXC Exchange, a global futures exchange

During the trading competition held by each exchange, there are abundant events, which is an opportunity to earn various additional profits while trading. The MEXC exchange, where I am an official partner, is also holding a trading competition. There is also a Roulette Event where you can get experience money every day, and I have won for 6 consecutive days and have received about 74 USDT (KRW 105,000) so far.

Today, I will introduce the MEXC Exchange’s 2022 TCOM Gift Trading Contest for Halloween, which I am participating in, and tell you all about various prize benefits and how to participate.

MEXC Exchange 2022 TCOM Personal Gift Competition Product Introduction for Halloween

MEXC, a global major futures exchange that is always in the top 10 of the world’s futures exchanges, is holding its second trading competition this year.

The 2022 TCOM Trading Competition for Halloween is a special competition only for Koreans. About 3,100 participants are currently competing fiercely.

I also participated in the competition and am currently ranked about 25th.

The rate of return is about 48%, and the rate of return is about $1100. The current ranking is 25th (yield category). There are still a few days left until the competition, so I’m aiming to maintain my current ranking.

Then, I will explain how to participate in the competition, today’s tip, the roulette event that you can ride every day, and various ways to distribute the prize money.

The registration period is until 23:59:59 on October 26, 2022. The competition period starts on October 17, 2022 and ends at the same time as the deadline for the registration period. So, you can participate in the competition for about 4-5 days from now on and receive various benefits.

You can participate in the competition by holding a total asset value of 1,000 USDT in the futures account of the MEXC Exchange. It’s automatically checked when you press the application for participation in the competition, so you just have to keep it.

The transaction fair is for all USDT-M coins on the MEXC exchange. In other words, the competition is made with futures trading with USDT as collateral.

Next, I’ll introduce a lot of products.

First of all, the first thing I’m going to introduce is a lucky roulette event that you can get every day.

A lucky roulette event that has won for 6 days in a row

In my case, I participated every single day from the start of the competition and received experience money six times. The amount shown in parentheses is the amount of experience, and this experience money is used as a transaction fee, so you can make a transaction without a transaction fee until it is exhausted.

How to participate in a lucky roulette event

To participate in the lucky roulette event, if you trade more than 50,000 USDT every day during the competition, you will have a chance to spin the roulette once. At this time, if you press the “GO” button like in the picture, the roulette turns and the amount of winning is automatically determined.

Shall we look at the official prize money of the competition following the roulette event?

Official competition prizes are largely distributed in three ways.

Event 1 – Challenge the Earnings and Earnings Ranking!

a prize distributed according to the rate of return and proceeds

The first event is the prize money that is distributed according to the yield and the proceeds. The pool of prize money will change depending on the number of participants. There is a prize pool of up to 100 BTC (Bitcoin).

35% of the total prize pool will be distributed to the top 20 ‘yield’ and 35% will be distributed to the top 20 ‘yield’ ranking.

Rewards based on returns and earnings rankings

Specifically, the prize money will be distributed as shown in the table above. For example, 30% of the yield prize money will be paid to the No. 1 in the yield ranking, and 30% of the proceeds will be paid to the No. 1 in the yield ranking. In the case between the 4th and 20th places, the yield sector is distributed in proportion to the transaction volume, and the proceeds sector is distributed in proportion to the proceeds. So on the yield side, the higher the trading volume, the better.

Event 2 – Challenge #1 daily trading volume!

a generous offering given at the top of the daily turnover

The second event is a special product given to the top trading volume every day during the competition. There are different Wannabe prizes prepared every day.

We’ve prepared a lot of prizes every day. For example, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, iPhone 14 Pro Max, and MacBook Air are the things the MZ generation wants to have the most. Actual merchandise payments are made in USDT corresponding to the consumer price listed on the official website of each merchandise.

Event 3 – Earn rewards by getting in the top 100 daily deals!

Program 1 method compensation

This is according to Program 1 method. If the number of participants in the competition exceeds 5000 and the daily transaction volume prize pool is less than 12500 USDT.

Program 2 method compensation

It will be paid if the daily trading volume prize pool exceeds 12500 USDT.

On the other hand, the volume of transactions is reflected in real time on a daily basis, which is very fair.

Now that we’ve looked at how to register for the competition and various prize money, we need to find out how to sign up for the MEXC exchange and certify KYC to participate in the competition, right?

And if you have not joined the MEXC exchange yet or have not certified KYC, you can easily do it by referring to the posting below. For your information, if you sign up through the posting, the SVIP rating will be applied immediately, so you can get 0.036% of the market price fee, which is cheaper than VIP 6, the highest grade on the exchange. I introduced the details in the post.


H, Also, since September, the MEXC exchange has stopped supporting deposits and withdrawals on the domestic exchange, so if you want to make a coin deposit or withdrawal on the MEXC exchange, you must send the coin via the domestic exchange (Binance, Bybit, Bitget, etc.). In my case, I send the USDT I have on these exchanges directly to MEXC, but if you select the HECO network and send it, the USDT transmission fee is only 0.5 dollars. If you buy a TRX and send it, the transmission fee for the TRX is only tens of won. In my case, I am sending USDT to be safe from fluctuations in market prices, so please refer to it.

I enjoy trading alone, but sometimes it’s good to participate in competitions, check my sales, and participate in various events to receive small prize money. In the case of the “Lucky Roulette Event every day,” it is not too difficult because you only need to achieve 50,000 USDT of daily trading volume. The transaction volume of futures transactions is calculated by multiplying leverage, so it is easier to achieve. For example, if you buy and sell only one bit coin, the transaction volume will be about 40,000 USDT. If you buy a bitcoin for $1,5200 and sell it for $1,520, which is a profit of only about $20, you get a commission, and you quickly fill up the transaction volume.

Today, I introduced how to participate in the 2022 TCOM Personal Gift Contest for MEXC Halloween and various events that I am participating in.

I think you should participate and have fun competing with many traders.