Clay, the currency of Clayton

I would like to inform you that the blockchain platform “Clayton,” which was created by Kakao and was successful, has been showing various signs of crisis recently. Learn More What is Clayton? Clayton (Klaytn) is a blockchain platform for DApp (dApp) developed by Ground X, a subsidiary of Kakao Co., Ltd. Other blockchain-related projects such as NFT and DiFi can be operated.

MEXC Exchange, a global futures exchange

During the trading competition held by each exchange, there are abundant events, which is an opportunity to earn various additional profits while trading. The MEXC exchange, where I am an official partner, is also holding a trading competition. There is also a Roulette Event where you can get experience money every day, and I have won for 6 consecutive days and have received about 74 USDT (KRW 105,000) so far.

Introduction to the Bybit Exchange

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about the Bybit Exchange. 바이비트 입금 Recently, as the Financial Services Commission strengthened sanctions on cryptocurrency, the number of overseas exchanges that can be selected in Korea has decreased a lot. I’d like to talk about Vibit, one of the exchanges that can be used without any problems in Korea. I’d like to see what the advantages are by comparing it with binance, not just an introduction.